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Welcome to Mt.PrettyPoint.
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Welcome to..Mt.PrettyPoint

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Welcome to Mt.PrettyPoint, where children's laughter fills the air as water fight ensue in the summer. Proud Husbands and Fathers leave for work with a kiss from their wife and the morning paper under their arm. This is the perfect picture of a suburban community. Everyone knows everyone. But at night..oh that's when the real trouble starts. For that is when the creatures of the night take over this small, picturesque town. Human's take cover in securely locked up houses, but will that stop these evil, blood hungry vampires? They all have one mission. To take over this beautiful little town and make it their own. The head Vampire, looking everything like a normal guy is anything but. Because Gerard will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants.

About the Game

- This is a completely AU game. All characters can be either celebs or PB's. However, if you choose to do a PB then please make sure you have checked that the person you'd like to use isn't already being used. Example: If you wanted to use Gerard Way, he's taken. So you'd have to decide on someone else ect.

- Everyone in the Vampire world works for Gerard. He is the Head Vampire. If you're a Human, then you don't actually know Gerard is a Vampire because obviously he act normal. If you have questions about this, ask me and I'll explain.

- If you're a Vampire, then you times your characters age by 25. The result is how old you are in the VAMPIRE WORLD. In normal world you're normal age. Understand?

- Vampires can read minds and if you're doing a scene, and you have thoughts that you'd like them to read, please if possible use Italics. Example: Mikey looked, more like frowned. What the fuck is he trying to do. He's gone completely fucking insane. Gerard's head snapped up and he glared. "I have NOT gone completely fucking insane." He seathed through gritted teeth. Again, questions about this just ask and I will explain.


- Character's can be either Male or Female.
- Rape, violence, everything else equally as brutal is allowed. BUT please have an understanding with the character that has to endure all of this. If he/she isn't happy, don't do it. You must both agree on it since you do not control any character but your own.
- This community is AIM based, so you must have a screen name.
- Please try to have you AIM SN and LJ Username relate to your character. We're not anal about this, though. Just do your best.
- RP will be done in third person storybook format.
- Use (), [], {} or || to distinguish when you are writing OOC. We do not need IC and OOC to mix and create more drama.
- Do not use netspeak, unless you are having your charcters chat over AIM even then please keep it to a minimum.
- Update at least once every week. If you will be gone then please post in the OOC community to tell us about it so we know.
- If you start to slack on updating then you will be given a slight nudge. But taking advantage of this will get you removed.
- Do not kill off your character. If you wish to leave just make a post that you are leaving so we can put the character up for grabs again.
- Put up a disclaimer in you user profile. No one wants to get sued or have others think they're really their character. It gets annoying having crazy fans IMing you. If you don't know where the disclaimer is, please ask someone.
- Put your favorite song lyric in the subject line of the application if you have read and understand the rules